Why Driving Range Netting Is Important

Small objects which traveled through the air at a high rate of speed can cause significant damage to people, animals, and property if they land where they are not supposed to land. For this reason, proper protective measures must be taken by companies who deal in this kind of sport.

For a driving range, this is the main reason why having strong and reliable driving range netting is a key factor in the proper maintenance of the facility. In fact, one could argue that it is the single most important thing.

Not only does it keep the people and property around the driving range netting safe from dangerous flying golf balls, but it also significantly reduces the liability of the golf club were driving range should something actually happen. If an accident does occur, then showing that due diligence was taken prior to the accident is one of the key factors in making sure that any judgment awarded against the facility is negligible, if anything.

Therefore, in order to be a responsible corporate citizen, any driving range in operation should have strong netting and keep it in good repair for the life of the business and property.

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